Research fields:

Economic Growth and Development


    "The Paradox of Mexico's Export Boom Without Growth: A Demand-Side Explanation." (with Leopoldo Gomez-Ramirez), Forthcoming, Structural    
    Change and Economic Dynamics.

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    `Between ’The Meaning of Colonization’ and ’Archaism as a Project’: overcoming a dilemma through the concept of mercantile slavery capital”        
    Estudos Economicos 38 (1) 2008. [in Portuguese]
    Reprinted in del Nero, I. and Pires, J.M. (orgs.) "Mercantile slavery capital and slavery in the Americas", Sao Paulo: Educ, 2010. [in Portuguese]

    Working Papers:

    An empirical analysis of Minsky regimes in the US economy (with Leila Davis and Gonzalo Hernandez-Jimenez).
    University of Massachusetts-Amherst Working Paper 2017-08, February 2017.

    "Sectoral net lending in six financial centers." (with Gerald Epstein)
    Political Economy Research Institute (PERI) Working Paper 346, March 2014.

    Work in Progress:

    The Political Economy of Biased Technical Change in Brazilian Agriculture (1950-1980).

    The Real Exchange Rate and Vertical Integration (with Juan Montecino).

    The Evolution of Financial Fragility: A Quantile Decomposition of Balance Sheets (with Leila Davis and Gonzalo Hernandez)